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Dr. Gary Richter

“America’s Favorite Vet” Dr. Gary Richter is one of the country’s most renowned veterinarians, and the international bestselling author of “The Ultimate Pet Health Guide.” For two decades, Dr. Richter has combined the latest scientific breakthroughs with traditional holistic medicine, to stay at the forefront of pet nutrition — offering a healthy, integrative approach to common health concerns.

Pet Food Exposed: Top Vet Reveals What Every Dog Owner Should Know

Even the healthiest-looking pet food might not be as healthy as it seems. Unfortunately, most of the dry food and wet food on the market can lack natural vitamins, real meat, quality protein, and nutrients that can be crucial for your pet’s weight management and overall health — even if they look like the healthy choice on the shelf. It’s a common issue in the pet food industry. This is why it’s more important than ever to know the truth about your pet’s food, so you can make sure you’re feeding them a healthy diet.

These low-quality pet foods might surprise even the most dedicated pet parents. If the label of your pet’s food says it’s grain free, human grade, or made with chicken, beef, or fish, the food inside could still lack the nutrients your furry friend’s body needs to truly thrive.

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On top of this, some large pet food manufacturers will add unnecessary pet food ingredients to their formulas — things that could be bad news for animals with sensitive stomachs, weight management issues, or other health problems. This includes, but is not limited to, cheap fillers like corn and rice, artificial preservatives that help to extend the shelf life of a product, fake flavors and colors, and harmful by products that are produced when the food is made. Luckily, these things can be easy to spot on the label of your pet’s food, if you know what to look for.

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With so much to choose from, and so much misleading information, it’s hard to know what the best pet foods are. That’s why Dr. Richter, one of the most renowned veterinarians in the country, is here to help. He’s put together a video report that details everything you need to know about pet nutrition, including exactly what nutrients your pet needs in their food to help them thrive. He will also go over which foods could present threats to your pet’s health and well-being, as well as the food that is most likely to contain those harmful ingredients and by-products.

With Dr. Richter’s quick pet food check, you can have the information you need to choose the best food for your beloved companion throughout their life stages. The right pet food can make it easier for you to help your beloved companion stay at a healthy weight, help regulate their appetite, support their immune system, help restore shine to their coat, soothe skin issues, help relieve joint discomfort, and help them feel more energized and vibrant. With all that, your pet can feel like the happy, playful animal that they’ve always been.